by Ellen Rose

A 12-Week Course in Scales Arpeggios, and Double-stops by Ellen Rose. See the contents here and errata here.


Here is the latest errata report on Extreme Viola!:

In books from the first impression, on page ix, in the example graph, "Double" should read "Double-Stops", and in the paragraph beginning "Use a recorder", in the second line, "you are investing your future" should read "you are investing in your future".

In books from the first and second impressions, p. 102 gives an incorrect URL for Ellen Rose's home page. The correct URL is

If you find an error, post it here, and it will be corrected in a future printing.

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  1. Hi Ellen!

    I am really hoping to buy your wonderful book but amazon Australia does not seem to stock it.

    Is there any other way to purchase?